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Top Tips for Hungover Hens

How to prevent them and perk up when you're feeling peaky but the party must go on...

1. Drink more!

Water and soft drinks in order to pace yourselves and keep the bride-to-be going all weekend long, make sure to put some water and other alcohol-free drinks in between the booze. If you're going out for a meal maybe make a fruit or cucomber water before you had out to refresh your party.

hangover drinks - kiwi water

2. Omnomnom...

Make sure that there are meals and snacks organised. It's tempting to pack in loads of activities, but making sure there's time to eat together and chat will not only help the hens bond, but keep you in the best state for drinking. You will regret drinking on an empty stomach.

The morning after

hangover breakfast ideas

If you're already hungover, something packed with vitamin C and fluid will help fix you. Plan a healthy, nutritious breakfast; think smoothies (with a banana for potassium), eggs (for taurine),

3. Pause, breathe and move.

Yoga - Chilled out yoga to help you reconnect with your body. Take space to breathe and feel more centered. These sessions can be tailored to be more or less vigourous, and can include partner and group work, massage and meditation. Suitable for all levels.

Hula Hooping While it's more active, hoop dance is super fun and will get you concentrating and working your body. We take lots of hydration-breaks and stretch time so you'll leave feeling pukka.

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